Essential tools for hiring, managing and exiting employees
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HR essentials for small to medium businesses

Understanding and complying with the ever changing landscape of HR regulation can often be a time consuming and confusing task for small to medium businesses. With People Essentials on hand, you can reduce your time spent on employee related issues and get on with managing and growing your business.

People Essentials:

  • Provides an easy-to-use online HR reference for small to medium businesses
  • Is constantly updated to match current legislation
  • Includes two hours of personalised, professional HR support
  • Gives you instant access to a resource of information, templates, articles and links on essential HR matters

All of this is available for one low cost 12 month subscription of $960 +GST. You can login and access the information any time from anywhere.

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People Essentials covers everything you need to know in relation to HR for small to medium sized business. Information is structured into logical sections and includes useful templates you can download to save you time.


Everything you need to know about:

Hiring - Checks, Documentation, Legal, Record Keeping
Managing - Flexible Working Arrangements,
        Performance, Leave
Exiting - Notice, Modes, Pitfalls, Payments and Records
Not Sure? - Download a free sample page from the People Essentials website.

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