Essential tools for hiring, managing and exiting employees
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The employment relationship may come to an end in a number of ways. Employers must be aware of the means by which the employment relationship is governed. These include the Letter of Offer, Contract of Employment, company policies and procedures, awards or applicable State and Federal laws.

The People Essentials website provides targetted information for small to medium businesses to assist with exiting employees in regards to:  
  • Notice Requirements - for both employees and employers
  • Modes of Termination of Employment - resignation, termination with notice due to performance/behaviour issues, redundancy and termination without notice
  • Pitfalls regarding Termination of Employment - unlawful termination and unfair dismissal
  • Termination Payments and Records - eligible termination or redundancy payments and obligations regarding employee records

It is important to remember that the termination of employment of an employee is complex with a number of legal ramifications. Your two hours of support time can be used towards our immediate advice and assistance with termination matters.

Everything you need to know about:

Hiring - Checks, Documentation, Legal, Record Keeping
Managing - Flexible Working Arrangements,
        Performance, Leave
Exiting - Notice, Modes, Pitfalls, Payments and Records
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