Essential tools for hiring, managing and exiting employees
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The success of your business is strongly influenced by the quality of your employees. Your hiring decisions and procedures play an important role in getting the right person for the job. Once your new employee has commenced employment, there are a number of obligations concerning procedures, documentation, legislation and record keeping.

In regards to hiring, the People Essentials website provides targetted information for small to medium businesses on:  
  • Pre-employment - verifying resumes, reference checks, medical testing, criminal background checks and determining the right to work in Australia
  • Employment documents - Letter of Offer/Contract of Employment, Tax File Declaration, Superannuation Choice, Employee Details and Fair Work Information Statement 
  • Legislative Considerations - National Employment Standards, Modern Awards, transitional arrangements affecting wages, etc 
  • Record Keeping - employment, time and wages, pay slips, leave, superannuation, termination of employment, taxation and personnel files 

You can also use your allocated support time towards our assistance with cost-effective recruitment and selection (charged by time, not commission), Letters of Offer, Contracts of Employment, Position Descriptions and determining salaries and wages based on current awards and conditions.

Everything you need to know about:

Hiring - Checks, Documentation, Legal, Record Keeping
Managing - Flexible Working Arrangements,
        Performance, Leave
Exiting - Notice, Modes, Pitfalls, Payments and Records
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